Noble Familes

Family Lines, Clans, Noble Houses, Etc


In general, the drakes form loose clans, generally lead by a dragon patriarch after which they are named, though there is the occasional matriarch. They, under the dragons, rule over all the humanoids who live within their lands. Their major concern throughout the age has been with the Empire, and its ever hunger for more territory. Gaouthariss Clan

The currently largest clan in Zulcosedil, they have lately been working towards establishing more peaceful relations with the Empire, if only so as not to be worn down and overrun. They do, however, have an uphill battle, as most of the draconic pride in the land has been greatly grieved by the dwarves in the past, and and particularly the dwarves’ ogre and giant army. Tizul Clan

While not exactly crying out for dwarven blood (served as a gravy with roast dwarf), the Tizuls are not exactly pleased that some are trying to get the two nations noticeably closer together. They’d be quite happy for the Empire to just be “that bit of land over that we don’t have any dealings with.” They make their objections known, though are will grudgingly go with the rest. Xarzisk

This clan is also interested in peace with the dwarves, though many suspect it is because they have ulterior motives. They are the most polite and well spoken to the non-draconic people of the lands, likely much of the cause of suspicion. Catahecassa


The Flintscales are unique among the drakes because they have no dragon patron or matron, but instead were once slaves of the Empire, through an ancestor of theirs was freed an ennobled due to services rendered to the Imperial Family (saved one of the emperor’s sons from a Nandle warcat during a battle) . However, they are generally treated as second class nobles by the dwarves (and many of the various other houses in the Empire) and viewed as traitors by the still enslaved drakes of the Empire. As such, it’s an uncomfortable position being a Flintscale. Those of Zulcosedil similarly viewed them early on as traitors to their draconic roots, though have since come to accept them being part of the Empire, particularly since the Flintscales have been petitioning the Emperor for the freedom of their fellow drakes almost since their inception into nobility. Dwarves

The dwarves have numerous clans, and of course the Imperial Clan. Many of the clans have a signature craft they pass down. The clans are always named using a compound of some metal, tool or weapon, warrior virtue, or similar dwarven thing, as decreed by some Emperor many centuries ago. Ironhammer

The classic dwarven clan name, and appropriated by the Imperial Crown. This clan has been in power for millennia. The current emperor is a dwarf by the name of Mottliw Ironhammer. The Ironhammer clan is firmly entrenched into the ruling of the Empire. Each of the provinces of the Empire, besides Greendale, has an Ironhammer governor, and most other high officials come from this clan. Even though they are the politicians of the Empire, they nonetheless have a favored craft they posses, that of precious metals in the workings of furniture. The very Imperial Throne itself was crafted by the hands of the first emperor. The runecrafts upon it form powerful authority magic. (Note, players can’t come from this clan) Valiantsmith

The Empire’s experts in all things weapons, the Valiantsmiths have been the most favored of the Ironhammers for their expert weapon-smithing and uncompared armor. Whether it is to arm the smallest pech or the largest giant, the Valiantsmiths have forged that which all the other clans copy. Littlepins

Thought to be slightly insane by the rest of the dwarves (and most other people) from the very start when their forefather requested the name, the Littlepins are still regarded as the best designers of mechanisms in the Empire. Elves

The elves prize their heritage, but only a few can trace their lines all the way back to the first fae who entered and mingled with the mortal world. House Talinlathia


The giants of the Empire and those of Tarve have quite the different systems. While Tarve giants have noble houses like the humans there, the Imperial giants have long been integrated into the Empire’s military, and such are divided among its various armies. Goblins

The goblins have many tribes, with more than their fair share of infighting. Humans

There are many forms of groups among the humans. Ogres

Like the giants, the ogres in the Empire are militarily divided, while those outside group themselves along tribal lines. Clan Haxspar

One of the rarer troll clans, this particular one has gone bankrupt in recent times. Orcs

Not quite family units as much as circles of increasing honor (in the orcish sense). Pechs

Pech of course pride themselves for their keen knowledge of family histoy. Only the drakes and dragons know their’s better, though they have the advantage of longer lifespans and fewer generations to remember. Rootwalkers

The rootwalkers have an intricate caste structure. Saurians

The saurians in the Red Sea and those in Zulcosedil have vastly different structures. Unborn

Seeing that they aren’t biological creatures with families, the unborn have decided to use their original production lines by the goblins as their form of a clan unit.

Noble Familes

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