We shall use this page for all our world building ideas for the lands of the Empire and its neighbors and the Nodrilath Courts therein.

And no, I still don’t know what exactly a Nodrilath court is :P :) Just that they’re a kind of court within the Empire rather than a court at some place called Nodrilath. I do know that the empire uses them as a sort of training ground, or internship, etc, for their younger nobles.

Questions the players have for the GM

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Question the GM has for players

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  • What’s the country side like of your character’s home region?
  • What is your character’s family like?
  • What does your character think about being part of the nobility?
  • What does your character think about how the dwarves rule?
  • What does your character hope to gain by being at hte courts with other young nobles?

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