Tag: drake


  • Mojka Austratar

    He may be a slave, but then, Accipitridae's family sort of officially refuses to admit that there can really be such a thing as a drake slave, so maybe it's not all _that_ strange that she goes up to the aviary to visit him _every_ time his circuit brings …

  • Baron Flintscales

    Baron Pandionidae Flintscales (His Lordship), ruler of the Flintscales Barony. Lord Flintscales has the responsibility to choose one child out of his first clutch to succeed him in his title.

  • Haliaetus Flintscales

    Accipitridae's Uncle, the Honorable Lord Haliaetus Flintscales, is her father's clutchmate. Uncle Haliaetus married a free drake and has applied himself equally to three tasks: diplomacy on behalf of his brother and on behalf of the drakish liberation …

  • Thrasi

    Thrasi is a slave at the courts, know to have water-carrying duty. She was delighted to do a little sniffing around on behalf of the PCs for the sum of 3s.