Lavender Ashdown


Base Attributes

Attribute Value Modifier
Strength 14 +2
Dexterity 16 +3
Constitution 12 +1
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 13 +1

Derived Attributes

Attribute Captain Burglar Attribute Other Value What for?
Melee/Unarmed Attack Bonus +0 +1 Strength (+2) Forte (+1) +4 Used when attacking with a melee weapon or unarmed – +3 if with a weapon you only have a proficiency in
Ranged Attack Bonus +0 +1 Dexterity (+3) Forte (+1) +5 Used when attacking with a ranged weapon – +4 if with a weapon you only have a proficiency in
Defense +0 +3 Dexterity (+3) None 16 This is what an attacker must beat to hit you
Initiative +1 +3 Dexterity (+3) Decisive (+5) +12 Used when rolling initiative – remember to roll twice with Lightning Reflexes and keep the best
Fortitude Save +1 +0 Constitution (+1) None +2 Used to resist physical attacks and threats
Reflex Save +0 +3 Dexterity (+3) Lightning Reflexes (+3) +9 Used to evade unexpected things, get out of the way of attacks, etc.
Will Save +2 +0 Wisdom (+2) None +4 Used to resist mental attacks and threats
XP 2550
Action Dice 3 (d4)
Vitality 24/24
Wounds 8
Base Speed 40 ft.


Skill Attribute (Bonus) Other (Bonus) Ranks Total
Acrobatics (Burg) Dex (+3) None 0 +3
Athletics (Both) Str (+2) None 0 +2
Bluff (Burg) Cha (+1) None 6 +7
Crafting (Burg) – Cooking Int (+2) None 4 +6
Haggle (Burg) Wis (+2) None 4 +6
Impress (Cap) Cha (+1) None 6 +7
Intimidate (Cap) Wis (+2) None 0 +2
Investigate (Burg) Wis (+2) None 0 +2
Medicine (Cap) Int (+1) None 0 +1
Notice (Both) Wis (+2) None 6 +8
Prestidigitation (Burg) Dex (+3) None 4 +7
Resolve (Cap) Con (+1) None 8 +9
Ride (Cap) Dex (+3) None 0 +3
Search (Burg) Int (+1) None 0 +1
Sense Motive (Cap) Wis (+2) None 6 +8
Sneak (Burg) Dex (+3) None 0 +3
Survival (Cap) Wis (+2) None 0 +2
Tactics (Both) Int (+2) None 6 +8

Feats/Abilities/Tricks Redux


You’re a pech, small of stature but quick of mind and limb, a salt-of-the-earth kinsman whose people are known for inattention and cloistered ignorance of the outside world. You, on the other hand, are one of the few bold souls in each generation with an itch to explore, to live the stories your people tell with such animated passion.

Before ambition took hold, you lived as most pech do — relishing fine food and company, taking joy in the simple pleasures of the day, and sharing cozy afternoons in stray conversation, letting your mind wander far beyond the confines of your remote community. Perhaps this drifting imagination is what drew you out into the boundless world and urged you to seek new companions. It’s certainly what keeps you fierce of heart in the face of adversity, for you know that beyond every misfortune there’s a new tale to spin. Someday you’ll return to your comfortable home and regale your family and friends about all the amazing things you’ve seen, the wonderful friends you made, and the fearsome enemies you helped defeat.

Type: Small biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score × 2/3 (rounded up).

  • Attributes: +3 Dexterity
  • Base Speed: 30 ft.
  • Enlightened Resolve: Your maximum Resolve rank increases to your Career Level + 5. Only the highest bonus from any single enlightened ability may apply to each skill.
  • Hearty Appetite: You benefit from the first 2 food and 2 drink you consume in each day.
  • Hurled Proficiency: You gain the Hurled proficiency.


You’ve made a name for yourself with footwork and swordplay.

  • Bonus Feat: Fencing Basics
  • Decisive: You gain a +5 bonus with Initiative.
  • Edged Proficiency: You gain the Edged proficiency.
  • Fast: Your Speed increases by 10 ft.
  • Parry: You gain the Parry trick.

Captain (1)/Burglar (2) (CL3)

Captain (Level 1)

An accomplished strategist and commander, the Captain guides allies through the fiercest tides of war with ease. His leadership and confidence are only matched by his incredible versatility — from precision planning to troop motivation to piercing the mind of the enemy, the Captain is an inspiration on and off the battlefield.

Depending on your campaign, a Captain could be…

  • The leader of a mercenary band famed for its ruthless efficiency
  • The helmsman of a great ship, loved and feared by a crew he’s seen through countless epic battles
  • A lordly knight inspiring the people with selfless and heroic deeds
  • A barbarian chieftain in the twilight of his life, seeking a glorious end in battle
  • An academy instructor passing along decades of experience to the virgins of war

Party Role: Backer/Combatant. You’re a powerful ‘force multiplier,’ providing party-wide benefits tailored to the situation at hand. While not a focused combatant, you have no trouble leading the charge and engaging the enemy directly.

Class Features

Favored Attributes: Charisma, Strength, Wisdom

Class Skills: Athletics, Impress, Intimidate, Medicine, Notice, Resolve, Ride, Sense Motive, Survival, Tactics

Skill Points: 6 + Int modifier per level

Vitality: 9 + Con modifier per level

Starting Proficiencies: 4

Burglar (Level 2-3)

In a world of killing things and taking their stuff, thievery is a time-honored profession. The Burglar cuts out the middle man, using guile, stealth, and good old fashioned dirty tricks to pull off daring raids and heists — often without drawing his weapon. He brings a powerful blend of abilities to an adventuring party, helping them overcome dangerous traps and barriers, circumvent guards, and cut through the defenses of particularly dangerous enemies.

Depending on your campaign, a Burglar could be…

  • A danger junkie stealing the most highly guarded prizes for the thrill alone
  • A pit fighting champion relying on speed and wits to stay on top
  • A ninja penetrating fortresses and manor houses to steal secrets and lives
  • A criminal mastermind leading a band of cutthroats to glory and riches
  • A traveling merchant fending off bandits and other peril on the road

Party Role: Specialist/Combatant. You are the pre-eminent master of stealth, casually slipping past all but the most impressive security and outwitting all but the savviest guards. You specialize in snatch and grab more than fisticuffs but you’re not afraid of a scrap when the need arises.

Class Features

Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Wisdom

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Crafting, Haggle, Investigate, Notice, Prestidigitation, Ride, Search, Sneak, Tactics

Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier per level

Vitality: 6 + Con modifier per level

Core Ability

Cadre: Your leadership inspires your team to excellence. Once per scene as a free action, you may temporarily grant your teammates 1 of your Basic Combat feats until the end of the scene.


Right-Hand Man: At Level 1, you gain the Personal Lieutenant feat (see page 108). Your Basic Combat feats count as Style feats when determining your lieutenant’s XP value.

Very, Very Sneaky: At Level 1, each time you fail an Acrobatics or Sneak check and don’t suffer an error, you still succeed as long as the check DC (or your opponent’s check result) is equal to or less than your Class Level + 20 – (22). If several grades of success are possible, you achieve only the lowest possible positive result.

If you gain this ability for either skill from two or more classes, add together your levels in all classes granting the ability when determining its effect.

Evasion I: At Level 2, whenever you aren’t flat-footed and make a successful Reflex save to reduce damage, you suffer no damage at all.


Fencing Basics

Melee Combat Feat

Your swift movements offer no respite.

Prerequisites: Edged forte

Benefit: Once per round, you may make a free attack with a fencing blade against an adjacent flat-footed character. You inflict only 1/2 normal damage with this attack (rounded up).

Also, you gain a stance.

Work the Line (Stance): Each time an adjacent opponent attacks you and misses, you may move 5 ft. and draw the opponent into the square you previously occupied. Also, each time an adjacent opponent moves away from you, you may immediately move into the square he just left.

Personal Lieutenant

Style Feat

Someone’s always got your back.

Prerequisites: Player character only

Benefit: You control a non-animal NPC with an XP value no greater than 50 + 5 × the permanent Style feats you have. You may choose your lieutenant from the Rogues Gallery or Bestiary (see pages 244 and 253) or build an original NPC with GM approval. Your lieutenant may not possess temporary feats.

Your lieutenant is a special character with a Threat Level equal to your Career Level minus 4 (minimum 1). He gains no action dice but you may spend your action dice on his behalf. Your lieutenant may not control additional characters.

If your lieutenant dies or is dismissed, you lose Reputation equal to your Career Level (he’s replaced in the following adventure).

Misdirection Basics

Covert Feat

You keep even the most ferocious enemies off balance and off guard.

Benefit: Your threat range with attacks against special characters increases by 1. You also count as 3 additional characters when determining numerical advantage.

Lightning Reflexes

Basic Combat Feat

You have the speed and grace of a mighty predator!

Benefit: Your base Reflex save bonus increases by +3. You may also roll twice when making Initiative checks, keeping the result you prefer.


  • Hurled Forte
  • Edged Forte
  • Bow Forte


Initiative Action (Forte): The character uses his hands or weapon to knock an incoming attack aside. Once per round when the character’s not flat-footed, after he’s been hit by a melee or unarmed attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are still felt). The character may take this action a number of times per combat equal to the number of Melee Combat feats he has (min. 1).

Relentless Attack

Attack Trick: The character focuses completely on one opponent, keeping the pressure on until an attack gets through. If the character’s last attack was also against the current opponent and missed, he gains a +2 bonus with this attack.


Language – Common Loyalty – Empire of Stonereach Alignment – Neutral Good Study – Farming Study – Food


300 GP


Lavender Ashdown

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