Cadeyrn Ulricksson



Hardy Human Fighter


Attribute Value Modifier Statistic Value Save Value
Strength 18 +4 DR 6 (5 Naked) Fortitude +7
Dexterity 14 +2 Melee/Unarmed AtB +7 Reflex +3
Constitution 20 +5 Ranged AtB +5 Will +4
Intelligence 11 0 Defense 14 Health  
Wisdom 13 +1 Initiative +4 Vitality 54/54
Charisma 8 -1 Reputation 10 Wounds 20
_. Weapon |_. Prof./Forte |   | *Renown* | 1 |_. Interests |_.   | | *Unarmed* | Forte |   | *Experience* | 2938 | *Language* | Common | | *Blunt* | Forte |   | *Action Die* | 3 d4s | *Alignment* | Chaotic Good | | *Edged* | Forte |   | *Base Speed* | 30 ft. | *Loyalty* | Kingdom of Tarve | | *Hurled* | Forte |   | *Prudence* | 0 | *Study* | Barbarians | | *Bows* | Proficiency |   | *Panache* | 1 | *Study* | Zombies |
Skill Attribute (Bonus) Other (Bonus) Ranks Total
Athletics STR – (+4) 0 6 8
Crafting INT – (+0) 0 0 0
Intimidate WIS – (+1) 0 0 1
Notice WIS – (+1) 0 6 7
Resolve CON – (+5) 0 6 11
Search INT – (+0) 0 0 0
Survival WIS – (+1) 0 6 7
Tactics INT – (+0) 0 0 0
Feat Source Type Basic Desc.
Armor Basics Fighter Specialty Basic Combat Def. Pen. -1, ACP -1, Spd. Pen. -5 ft. for armor
Armor Mastery Level 1 Basic Combat +1 DR, No Coup De Grace while wearing armor
Armor Supremacy Level 2 Basic Combat +1 DR, I: Sneak Attack Damage
Combat Focus Fight On Level 1 Basic Combat May double attribute bonus on attack, damage, or save 4 times per scene
Shield Basics Fight On Level 3 Melee Combat +4 gear bonus when Bull Rushing with an armed shield: gain Phalanx Fighting Stance
Ability Type Source Basic Desc.
Double Boost Special Hardy May Spend 2 Action Die on Constitution Skill Checks
Thick Hide 2 Special Hardy Considered to be wearing armor with DR 2, does not stack with armor.
Unbreakable Special Hardy Attribute Impairment is 1 less effective, to a minimum of 0
Melee Combat Expert Special Fighter Considered to have 2 additional Melee Combat Feats for any ability based on them.
Accurate Core Ability Soldier Any time you spend an action die to improve an attack, roll and add two dice instead.
Fight On Class Ability Soldier At odd-numbered levels, you gain 1 Basic, Melee, Ranged, or Unarmed Combat feat or 2 proficiencies.
Fortunes of War I Class Ability Soldier DR +1, +2 in Dramatic Scenes
Phalanx Fighting Stance Shield Basics Adjacent Allies gain +1 to Defense and Reflex saves. This bonus increases to +2 when you wield a weapon with guard +2 or higher. The
maximum bonus a character may gain from allies in this stance is +4..
Arrow Cutting Trick Proficiencies While armed with a melee weapon, once per round after the character’s been hit by a bow or hurled attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are still felt). 3 Times per Combat
Salt the Wound Trick Proficiencies +1d6 damage against bleeding opponents


Arms and Armor

Ummithea (“Vera”)

Longsword: 1d12+2 lethal damage, 19-20 crit range, Bleed, S/1h, Hard 3, 4 lbs. – Costing 10 Reputation

Other Arms and Armor
  • 2 Daggers: 1d6 lethal, 19–20, Bleed, hurl, D/1h, Hard 2, 4 lbs., 30s
  • Hardened Leather: DR3, Fire 3, –1 DP, –1 ACP, –5 ft., –2 Disguise, Soft 3, 18 lbs., 100s
  • Hide Shield: 1d3 subdual, 20, Guard+2, S/1h, Soft 3, 6lbs, 10s


  • Spirits: Negates frightened condition, 3 uses, T/1h, Brittle 1, 2 lbs., 15s
  • Balm: Heal vitality at twice normal rate (1 day), 3 Uses, T/2h, Soft 1, 1 lb., 12s
  • Salve: Heal wounds at twice normal rate (1 day), 3 Uses, T/2h, Soft 1, 1 lb., 12s
  • Rations (2 Weeks): Feeds 1 character for 1 day, 21 uses, T/2h, Hard 1, 10 lbs., 15s
  • Booze: Decreases shaken condition by 1 grade, 3 uses, T/1h, Brittle 1, 2 lbs., 15s
  • Tea: +1 gear bonus with Ref saves (8 hours), 3 uses, T/1h, Soft 1, 1/2 lb., 10s
  • Vitality Potion (2): Heal 2d6 vitality, T/1h, Brittle 1, 1/2 lb., 50s


  • Candles (5): Faint light (30-ft. radius), 1 hour, D/1h, Soft 1, 1/4 lb., 1s
  • Spoiled Candles (2): No usage, D/1h, Soft 1, 1/8 lb., 0s
  • Lantern, candle: Faint light (30-ft. radius); uses candles, T/1h, Brittle 1, 1 lb., 8s
  • Blanket/bedroll: Cold Resistance 4, Special x/—, Soft 1, 5 lbs., 5s
  • Tent: Heat and Cold Resistance 4, L/—, Soft 2, 15 lbs., 10s
  • Handaxe: Chops wood; improvised hatchet, T/2h, Hard 2, 2 lbs., 5s
  • Backpack: +2 Str for carrying capacity, Special X/—, Soft 2, 3 lbs., 10s
  • Hemp Rope: 50 ft. long; max load 1,000 lbs; escape DC 20, S/2h, Soft 2, 10 lbs., 6s
  • Canteen: Holds 2 quarts of liquid, T/1h, Soft 1, 1/2 lb. empty – 5 lbs. full, 5s
  • Small Sack: Holds 1 Tiny or more smaller items (max. 10 lbs.), T/1h, Soft 1, 1/4 lb., 1s

Soldier (CL3)

Party Role: Combatant. You’re the ultimate general warrior. With strong fighting stats and abilities, you’re the perfect complement to any party that regularly brawls. You’re not initially the best at any particular aspect of battle (though you can easily reach that goal); rather, you’re strong in all categories.

Class Features

  • Favored Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution
  • Class Skills: Athletics, Crafting, Intimidate, Notice, Resolve, Search, Survival, Tactics
  • Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier per level
  • Vitality: 12 + Con modifier per level
  • Starting Proficiencies: 6


Accurate: Your finely honed physique is your deadliest weapon. Each time you spend 1 action die to boost an attack check, you roll and add the results of 2 dice (e.g. at Career Level 1, 1d4 becomes 2d4).


Fight On: At Levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19, you gain 1 additional Basic, Melee, Ranged, or Unarmed Combat feat or 2 additional proficiencies.

Fortunes of War I: You stand fast in battle, especially when the pressure’s on. At Level 2, you gain Damage Reduction 1. During dramatic scenes, this DR increases to 2.

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Def Init Lifestyle Legend Special
3 +3 +2 +1 +3 +2 +2 +1 +2 Fight on

Physical Description

Cadeyrn is a muscled, tanned human of slightly less than average height who tends to wear his dark brown hair close cropped for comfort and lack of needed attention. It is a rare day when you find him with anything approaching a good shave – stubble or even the beginnings of a beard being the more common status of his facial growths.

His face is fortunately bare of most of the scars accustomed to a life of combat and warfare, although it does look like his nose has been broken several times and set inexpertly at least once. Along his left cheek is the touch of bare skin signaling a single facial scar.

Cadeyrn tends to wear simple clothing when not armed and armored – an undyed linen shirt and dark-brown pantaloons, sometimes with boots and sometimes with moccasins. At his wide leather belt is generally at least a dagger and a small pouch of coins. When fully kitted for battle, he wears a hardened leather breastplate, a few more daggers and a fearsome claymore strapped to his back.



Cadeyrn is a member of one of the many noble families of the Kingdom of Tarve. As one can surmise, this gives him something of a claim to the throne, albeit not much of one. At last reckoning, he was the one hundred and sixty third heir to the Throne of Man in the Kingdom, not counting births or deaths in the last year.

Given his less than pressing call to the throne, there were only really two options for him as a member of a noble family – the priesthood or the military. He chose the latter of the two and entered training to become a full-fledged member of the Tarvian Army at age 13. Two years later, he found the constant discipline and ordered unit warfare not something along his lines of thinking. He dropped out of the academy and, to all accounts, disappeared.

In the time after leaving the academy, he honed his skills in the far northern reaches of the Kingdom of Tarve. Most of the time, he made his way alone – hunting barbarians and other threats upon the lives and livelihoods of the inhabitants of this region of the Kingdom. Sometimes, he would lead a few men to accomplish bigger tasks. As he did this, his abilities and tales about him grew.

Eventually, an emissary was sent from the courts of Tarve to recognize this fledgling hero who had made it his mission to secure the northern border against any threat he could. Imagine that emissary’s surprise when that hero – who he was tasked to recognize as a Swordsman of the Kingdom – was his own lost brother!

A great festival was prepared in the capitol for Cadeyrn upon his return. It was at that festival that Cadeyrn was informed that not only was he now well on his way to becoming a bona-fide hero of the realm – but that he had also been volunteered to travel into the Empire and learn of their ways at an Academy. He attempted to refuse, but was told under no uncertain terms that there was no bargain he could make. He had to go and represent the Kingdom as best he could.

And so he did …

The Sword Ummithea

A Tale of the Swordsman of the North

One day, after the Swordsman had met many barbarians in battle and slain them through means both fair and, well, some rather less than fair, but certainly quite daring, a great barbarian leader of some renown swore vengeance upon their dead corpses.

“Tonight, I say that this festering Tarvian boil will be lanced,” the chieftain shouted.

He then gathered his four sila brothers – warriors of great might and strength honor-bound to his protection, closer even than brothers of blood. They arose, their blood fired by talk of the valor and bravery in the killing of the Swordsman – a champion of the Kingdom which they had so long hated.

The Swordsman, for his part, always wary and always ready, flew upon them in a rage as they attacked him. With sword and shield, he dispatched the four sila brethren in a matter of seconds. So great was his anger that two of them made to run, turning their backs upon him for but a second. In that second, a dagger buried itself up to its hilt in their backs.

This just left the chieftain and the Swordsman, facing each other on the field of battle that day. The chieftain was greatly wroth with the death of his brothers and beat his chest, swearing to be avenged upon them or die himself. He drew forth his sword – a mighty longsword of fearsome reputation – the blade Ummithea. A hundred men had fallen before it in single combat and hundreds more in the heat of battle.

But the Swordsman was not afraid. He took one look at the jagged, ripping edges and smiled his fearsome smile. A lust for the darkened blade, like a slice of moonlit night, had awakened in his breast. He knew what he saw must be his.

“That sword will be mine,” he said, making his claim. “And I will call her … ‘Vera’.”

The Swordsman and the chieftain clashed, sparks flying from their blades as the metal met again and again. Hours passed as each pressed for the other’s opening, yet no flaw was to be found. Sweat poured from their bodies as they battled and more than a few cuts and nicks they gave each other – yet never enough to make an end of the battle.

Then the Swordsman saw it – the flaw in the chieftain’s training. A half-step’s timing in his lunge. The Swordsman gave an opening and the barbarian lunged, a grin of triumph on his face.

His face that never held another expression. With one fell swoop, the Swordsman cut off his enemy’s head, catching the terrible sword Ummithea before her length even hit the ground. He held her up in setting sun and whispered her new name to her …

“Vera …”

Cadeyrn Ulricksson

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